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Babycakes NYC
March 1, 2010, 7:53 pm
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We stumbled upon Babycakes NYC one Friday evening as we walked home from dinner in our neighborhood. I’ve heard about Babycakes NYC before and read about their healthy, yet yummy cupcakes in magazines but never realized it was so close to us! The girl in front of us asked for a “cupcake top” and to my surprise, I looked down at all the baked goodies and saw the variety of not only cupcakes, but… yes… cupcake tops!! The tops of cupcakes sold alone like a “cupcake cookie???” Wowsers!! Am I the only one who never knew of such a thing?!! Hehehe. Brilliant!!

The bakery is VERY CUTE and how could you not love their entire look and packaging? There’s so much love and thought put into every single detail. That’s what I love about NYC — all these amazing little bakeries, shops, restaurants, and boutiques that are independently owned. It’s that much more special because it’s what they absolutely love to do and it shows.


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Comment by juley

and it’s HEALTHY for you!!! =D

Comment by Brandy

oooo that looks soo good! i saw it on the food network one time… yummm!

Comment by michelle

It’s pretty good for being Vegan and all that GOOD stuff =) I’ll take you gals there on your next visit!

Comment by Brandy

Loveee the name! Babycakes is one of my favorite words =P!.

So much more to try in NYC! Hopefully we’ll make it back soon! Minus the yucky weather.

Comment by haha

Babycakes is such a SWEET word =) come during Spring, pre-summer, post-summer, or right at the beginning of Fall. Hehehe, those are the best times. Although, it usually rains like crazy during April. We’re going to have to plan another trip for you here, and us there!! Can’t wait 😉

Comment by Brandy

You have me drooling!

Comment by tokyostargirl

It’s yummy! =)

Comment by Brandy

So glad to know you enjoyed your visit to the bakery! Thank you so much for stopping by!

BabyCakes NYC

Comment by BabyCakes NYC

Hiiiiii. Thanks for taking your time and leaving a comment =D very sweet. Loved your bakery very much, the baked goods, the name, the packaging, everything about it =)

Comment by Brandy

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