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January 9, 2010, 1:02 pm
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Use it or lose it… seriously. By this I mean practicing and knowing your craft or even speaking a second language. For instance, me speaking Vietnamese fluently… not so great. Heheh. The only people I really have to speak Vietnamese to is my parents and older relatives who don’t speak or understand English well. That is the only time I ever speak Vietnamese, which is super bad. I never want to lose it… so I’ve come to the conclusion… when I have babies, I’m sending them off to their grandparents! Hehehe, I kid… I kid.

But honestly, if you don’t use it, you’ll eventually lose it. I missed draping so much and the project I’ve been working on (as seen below) as fueled me with inspiration to do it more often and as often as I can. Draping… I love it more than the actually drafting of patterns. I get to sculpt fabric and mold it into whichever way I want. It’s truly an art, and I have yet to master it! Practice makes perfect, experience, and learning along the way… being hands on… touching and feeling the fabric… Ah, it’s just a shame that I can’t use 100% Silk Tulle because that sucker costs… ummm… just about $100 a yard!! Yikesssss. Oh well, we all have to make due with what we have and make the best of it! =D Have a wonderful Saturday guys!!

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Ahhh silk tulle. But the above is still gorgeous! I am slowly picking up lil bits of fabric information on my wedding dress shopping. I never knew how many diff types there are. Draping is my #1 factor in picking THE dress. It’s just so hard to pick ONE!

Comment by cestlavy

drape on babe!!!

Comment by hoa

it’s sooo gorgeous!!!! i love it!

Comment by michelle

Thanks ladies =)

Vy – take your time and spend as much time as you need. There’s so many to choose from but don’t settle!! This is your big day so make sure you completely and utterly fall in love with the dress you choose. =) Give it time and don’t rush into anything. LOL, I think I’m repeating myself, but you know what I mean. Have funnnnnn wedding planning and shopping babe!

Comment by Brandy

Oh my! Beautiful! I love how it looks so weightless! Geez, I don’t know how to speak Vietnamese well either. Although, I can understand it perfectly!

Comment by Trish

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