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The Fear
December 27, 2009, 4:14 pm
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Isn’t it funny that naturally… we all tend to believe in others more than we believe in ourselves? Is it just the way we were raised? Asian families with our traditional Asian parents who instilled doubt and low self-esteem in us? I grew up with my dad calling me stupid, too this, too that, not enough of this, not enough of that… and yes, we all grow up and realize that life is choice driven and we are the ones who have the power to make our own decisions but why do we still have this crazy emotional baggage that we carry around? I live in 2 worlds… my real life world and my fantasy world in my head. This journey is a crazy emotional roller coaster but I still want to push forward and believe that we can create the lives we want to live… It’s not too big of a dream is it? =T

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Just wanted to let you know, although we see each other in passing now & then, you’ve inspired me. You’ve shown me maintenance of faith in my aspirations as a designer & lover of the arts. I can absolutely relate. I was recently laid off from my design job but it won’t stop me from pursuing my creative spirit.

Comment by Vintage Porter

you are a mindful girl, brandy 😀

We are both “live in 2 worlds”~~~for we ever discussed :)))) I like the way you create your field here~~~~

Comment by Jie

Thank you so much!!! =) We do live in 2 worlds… Day Job life pays the bills… then Night life where we DREAM about our DREAMS and our Futures. ❤

Comment by Brandy

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