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The Cutting Table
December 5, 2009, 11:23 pm
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Since moving to NYC, we’ve come to terms with certain things… like SPACE. Forget all the luxuries that we use to take for granted back home like walk-in closets and garden bath tubs because NYC apartments are like shoe boxes. You have to get creative with the space you can afford and most apartments here are not that great. We try to use our vertical space by putting up shelves for storage and found a great dining table at Ikea that’s compact size but can be extended on both sides. I’ve been using it as my cutting, drafting, and sewing table… all in my kitchen =) Can you find my fridge in the background?? =D


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I loved the gold/black tank that you sold. Is there any possibility that you’d make another one in a size x-small?

Comment by Vi

Hi Vi. Thanks for the comment. I was actually going to cut and make another tank in the gold/black sequin. Please give me a week and I’ll make it in x-small for you =)

Comment by Brandy

Hey Brandy! I’m planning to move there to work and maybe school. I’m also thinking of expanding my networking there as well. I might get into acting like some of my close friends that live up there! Hopefully, I’ll figure it out! I love NYC! Going there in 2 weeks again for a visit! Reading your post reminds me that I need to go apt shopping soon. Thinking of moving in the Williamsburg/Brooklyn area…
Looks like you’re doing it! i hope the best of luck for you!

Comment by trish

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