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March 22, 2009, 10:03 pm
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I didn’t have anyone around to teach me how to put on make-up when I was growing up, so what did I do??? I discoverd Kevyn Aucoin, fell in love with his work, and collected all his books! My cousin Kimmy and I would try to follow his methods and used his books as our Make-Up Bible.

If you truly appreciate the arts, you would know that make-up is an art in itself. Make-up is the medium and your face is your canvas. “It’s not meant to camouflage your face, but to enhance the beauty that is already there.”

He will always be one of our favorite make-up artists of all time ❤



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Yes, Aucoin knows his stuff. His books are great references.

Comment by CestLaVy

I know, I still love flipping through his books.

Comment by brandypham

i definitely need to learn!

Comment by hoa

of course i read your blog! when i find time, i indulge in these luxuries. you can learn a lot from people like you. i like to learn. =) and silly you! how could one not miss a kind and beautiful person like you when you’re not around? you have a lot to share with the world. don’t go away! we need you!!!!

Comment by Nhiiiiiiiiii

oh yea, and i LOVE make up. proud to say, i taught myself on how to apply it according to my own standards of my own beauty. i’m always claiming i’m wearing a mask, a painted face. a “fake” face. hey! but its my very own creation rite?! you are so rite on point with all the little things in life. i love to agree with you!

Comment by Nhiiiiiiiiii

Heheh, I love you woman! I say I “put my face on too” heheh because I seriously feel naked without eyeliner — I feel like a completely different person =D You’re amazing, did you know that? You sure do know how to lift up my spirits 😉

Comment by brandypham

What a perfectly inspiring quote…

Comment by Indie.Tea

It’s very inspiring and absolutely beautiful!

Comment by brandypham

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